4 risky behaviors after a back pain breakdown

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4 risky behaviors after a back pain breakdown.

From the past, we used to think that back pain only happened to the elderly. But actually Back pain can happen to anyone, any gender, any age, regardless of profession. Especially young office workers, which are very common these days.

Due to having a sedentary lifestyle Sit and work at a desk for long periods of time. When I’m free from work, I look down and play with my cell phone. I refuse to find time to exercise. As a result, the muscles around the spine become weak. Until being unable to support the spine when doing various activities, combined with a body weight that is higher than standard. This results in the spine having to bear an even heavier burden.

Notice that people who fall into this category have weak back muscles. When standing or sitting for a long time, pain in the lower back or lumbar ufabet https://ufabet999.app often occurs. And even more so if you’re not careful. Just the slightest movement in the wrong position can cause enormous harm in the blink of an eye, such as bending over to pick up things or lifting things in the wrong position. Turning around to push or pull things Continuous blows to the back from playing sports Or wearing high heels and walking all day. These behaviors don’t have to wait until reaching age 6 to easily face the pain.

If the symptoms are not too severe, it will get better after a while. But if the level of damage is severe It may even be a spinal disease, such as a herniated disc. which has a sharp pain like being poked with a needle Or the pain radiates into the hips and legs to the point where you can’t walk and have to lie still. If it’s been this severe and hasn’t gone away for more than 3 weeks.

You should consult a doctor immediately.

1. Later, don’t bend over to lift things.

This is because lifting heavy objects from the floor will cause all the weight to fall on the spine, which is curved. This results in the back being overloaded. You should squat down (like a squat) and slowly lift the object off the floor. This method allows the legs, which are large muscles, to help exert force. Don’t transfer all your weight to your back. The same is true when placing things on the floor. You should squat down and then release things. Not bending down to put things away.   

2. Later, don’t stand and bend over for a long time.

Standing or leaning over to do various activities for a long time, such as ironing clothes, brushing teeth, or cooking in front of the stove as usual causes the back to work harder than necessary. Try placing one leg on a low box, alternating positions frequently, adjusting the height of the table to the appropriate level without having to bend over. Or instead of bending forward to brush your teeth, stand up straight. look at yourself in the mirror Then slowly bend over to rinse your mouth.

3. Later, don’t sit hunched over in front of the computer.

Sitting hunched over, looking down at the computer screen. Or even just sitting and lounging on the sofa that seems comfortable but makes your back hurt even more. Try changing your habit by adjusting the height of your desk and screen so that they are level with your eyes. Find a place to rest your legs so that your knees are higher than your hips. Or roll up a towel and place it around your waist before sitting on it to automatically straighten your back.

4. Later, don’t sleep on your stomach or curl up.

Sleeping on your stomach, curled up, or on your side. It affects the spine and causes more pain even though you feel like you’re sleeping well. Try finding a pillow to place under your knees to maintain the curvature of your spine. or lie on your side By bending your knees and using your legs to hold the pillow in the middle. To reduce pressure and relieve tightness in the hips while sleeping.