5 warning signs of dehydration Summer diseases to be careful of

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5 warning signs of dehydration Summer diseases to be careful of

severe dehydration. It is a condition in which fluid loss of more than 10 percent of body weight occurs. And it can lead to injury or serious complications. But dehydration doesn’t mean that our body only loses water. But it also means that the body has lost electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium and potassium.

     Severe dehydration can cause seizures. Arrhythmia or hypovolemic shock, but in most cases, we can replenish our fluids when we drink water throughout the day. Usually thirst Headaches and dry mouth are all signs that it’s time to drink water. But signs of dehydration also have other symptoms as follows:

5 warning signs of dehydration

1. Bad breath

     Saliva has antibacterial properties. But dehydration can cause the body to produce less saliva. And if the body does not produce enough saliva Bacteria in the mouth may overgrow. And one of the side effects that occur is bad breath. So if your mouth feels dry and your breath smells bad. It might be time to drink some water.

2. Dry or red skin

     Dehydrated people have very dry skin and the skin may appear red. Another important symptom is related to dehydrated skin. is the loss of flexibility This can be tested by pressing or squeezing the skin. Then notice that it will take some time for it to return to normal.

3. Cramps

     When the body loses too much fluid The body will not be able to dissipate heat sufficiently. and can result in heat-related illnesses. One symptom to be careful of is muscle cramps. This can occur in hot weather and during exercise.

4. Craving food, especially desserts.

     When the body is dehydrated It can affect organs such as the liver, which is an organ that uses water to release stored glycogen or glucose. and https://ufabet999.app affects the energy level in the body And this can cause you to crave sweet foods, from chocolate to salty snacks. This is because your body is having trouble breaking down glycogen to release glucose into the bloodstream and use it as energy in the body.

5. Have a headache

       Even slight dehydration can cause a headache. Although there can be many other factors that can cause headaches. But trying drinking more water and sipping fluids throughout the day can be an easy way to relieve pain.