9 benefits of tissue paper that you might not expect

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We are used to using tissue paper to wipe and absorb water stains. Or various stains, or perhaps it may be wrapped in some occasions. But do you believe that there is still There are many benefits of tissue paper that we ourselves have never expected before. Therefore, if you still can’t imagine that besides using to clean various dirt, there are other benefits of tissue paper, you must try and see.

1. Get rid of the fibers in the raw corn ears.

          in raw corn There will be hairs or fibers of corn all over. But we can use a thick sheet of tissue paper. Also known as oil blotting paper, it can be easily removed by using only 1 sheet of oil blotting paper, moistened with enough water, then rubbing the paper over the ears of corn. until the corn fibers stick to the tissue paper completely. ทางเข้า ufabet

2. Absorb the fat from the broth.

          When we boil the soup You’ll notice the fat from the meat hovering over the surface of the soup. And I believe that many people would use a ladle to slowly scoop out these fats. But from now on, let’s use tissue paper to help absorb the fat better. By preparing the pot and colander near the soup pot, then bring a thick sheet of tissue paper. Strain again, then slowly pour the soup pot into the prepared pot. By allowing the broth to flow through a sieve until the pot is finished. The fat floats over the surface of the soup. will remain on the tissue paper and we can throw it away

 3. Keep fruits and vegetables fresh

Benefits of tissue paper

          If you want the vegetables and fruits you bought to be stored in the refrigerator Remains fresh for a long time Use tissue paper to wrap all kinds of vegetables and fruits before putting them in the refrigerator. so that tissue paper helps to absorb steam and moisture which causes spoilage of fruits and vegetables That’s it, the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator will last longer than before. And it’s still fresh until you pick it up and eat it.

4. Clean the can opener.

          We all know that can openers that we always use to open various canned products will have a lot of dirt on them. And the way to clean it by using a damp tissue paper to wipe normally seems to clean clean, not deep Then try spreading the tissue paper. Place the can opener on the edge of the tissue paper. and allow the end of the handle to meet with the edge of the paper on the other side Then screw the screw in, just like opening a can. Let the strands twist the tissue paper into it. to clean the can opener completely

5. Keep bread fresh

          Many people prefer to put bread in the freezer. To maintain the taste of the bread as when it was freshly baked, but always encountering the problem of juicy bread from the cold steam Therefore, the following before taking the bread to soak in the refrigerator Place a thick piece of tissue paper inside the bread bag as well. Or you can place tissues around the bread. to absorb steam and moisture from cold steam to keep the bread dry. Maintain the delicious taste in its entirety.

6. Bake bacon without oil.

Benefits of tissue paper

          Bacon is a favorite dish of many people. but when the bacon’s fat is less So it might be better if we change the cooking method to microwave baking. Before baking, bring 2 sheets of thick tissue paper to place on a plate first. Once done, place the bacon in the desired amount. And finish by bringing another 2 sheets of thick tissue paper to place on top of the bacon. This time put it in the oven at high temperature for about 1 minute, then open it periodically. to check the crispness of the bacon If it’s not crispy enough Bake for another 3-4 minutes, keeping an eye on it periodically to prevent the bacon from burning. When finished baking, you will get delicious crispy bacon. The type without greasy oil. Come and eat it.

7. Prevent rust from sticking to iron pans.

          Materials made of iron or metal are inevitably prone to rust. Especially the iron pan The price is not cheap, but we can prevent rust by taking good care of the iron pan. After cleaning the iron pan every time Use tissue paper to place around the iron pan, focusing on the edge of the iron pan as well. in order for the tissue paper to absorb all the moisture and water that seep into the iron pan It is also a good idea to wrap the wok with tissue paper before storing it separately from other cookware.

8. Check the seeds.

Benefits of tissue paper

          For anyone who has just found a packet of seeds that I bought to keep and plans to cultivate But not sure if the seeds found will expire or not. Then let’s test it. It’s easy. Just take 2 sheets of tissue paper, moisten with water and place the seeds all over the tissue papers. Then bring another 2 sheets of wet tissue paper and cover it again. Wait for 2 weeks, then come back and look at the seeds again. But while waiting for 2 weeks, keep watering. Keep the tissues moist at all times, too. and if the seed grows It shows that the seed packets can be cultivated as usual.

9. Remove dirt on the sewing machine.

          Sewing machines are also prone to stains from dust and rags. Therefore, we always have to clean the sewing machine. in order not to let the fabric that we are going to sew have to be stained back as well A simple cleaning method is to bring about 1 small stack of thick tissue papers to replace the cloth and walk the sewing machine as usual. Until the tissue papers has been stapled for 2-3 stitches, this is enough to clean the sewing machine. It’s unbelievable that tissue paper that we are familiar with. can be used in a variety of ways It can be said that it covers both housework and kitchen work. Try to use it for an easier life.