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Underarm problems with how to care for your armpits.

The following health problems This is an example of symptoms that may occur on the skin in the armpits area. which can take care of and prevent the occurrence of various symptoms as follows Hyperhidrosis  It is a condition in which the body sweats excessively through the skin,

How to prevent shoe bites?

If you are a person who does not have abnormal foot shape but still suffers from shoe bites problems. More consideration should be given to choosing shoes. Because the shoes you are wearing may not fit your feet properly. Such as being too big or too tight. until

Benefits of petroleum jelly.

Petroleum Jelly is a substance that is a by-product of crude oil refining. It consists of mineral oil or mineral oil (Mineral Oil) and beeswax. It is similar to skin cream but is much more sticky and flexible. Most people use it on their lips and skin

How to eat stevia to be safe and healthy?

People who want to consume stevia or stevia extract. With the hope of medicinal effects in various fields should consider their own health condition and safety of use as follows: Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding should avoid consuming. This is because there is not

What are the benefits of calcium?

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, 99% of it is found in bones and teeth. with the following benefits What are high calcium foods?    Foods high in calcium include both milk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, animal products such as

9 benefits of tissue paper that you might not expect

We are used to using tissue paper to wipe and absorb water stains. Or various stains, or perhaps it may be wrapped in some occasions. But do you believe that there is still There are many benefits of tissue paper that we ourselves have never expected before. Therefore, if you still can’t

What is a female condom?

female condom is a device that is inserted inside a woman’s vagina. Before sexual intercourse. The mechanism of the female condom is to trap male sperm not to pass through the uterus to fertilize the egg and pregnancy occurs. It has been approved by the FDA (United States

grape seaweed, both delicious and inhibiting cancer cells

The English name is grape seaweed or green cavier. seaweed, bouquet of pepper Originated from the coast of Okinawa. Japan It looks like a small bunch, dark green with round, clear, light green beads. grape seaweed flavor It tastes like the shrimp roe on sushi. makes when dipping with various