Gary points out that Liverpool should not make a statement against the referee organization.

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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has criticized Liverpool for being quick to condemn VAR’s mistakes after England’s professional football refereeing body. Come out and admit your mistake and apologize.

In the game the “Reds” lost 1-2 to Spurs in the Premier League. There was a problem with Luis Diaz’s goal. Which the referee pointed out as being offside but from the slow motion Diaz was still on the line. PGMOL came out to admit the mistake that had occurred. Claimed it was human error.UFABET 

However, Liverpool immediately released a statement expressing their dissatisfaction, but Gary criticized this as a mistake and should not have done so.

Gary posted on X: “Jurgen Klopp handled the situation well after the game. The majority of fans sympathize with what has happened and realize it is wrong!”

“However, Liverpool’s statement last night was a mistake! Talking about considering all options. (What does it mean!!!) And honesty in sports is a dangerous phrase coupled with ambiguity and aggression.”

“Sorry, we’ve endured enough! I said this the other night. Apologies should be respected and not underestimated.”

“This is a quick reaction and can always go wrong. I have very strong feelings about this.”

“At the same time, it’s clear that there needs to be an escalation and a solution found. We will consider every option available to do so.”