Jordi Alba agrees to take a pay cut to help Barca.

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Jordi Alba has confirmed he will be available to help the club. If asked to take wage cuts to enable the Azulgrana to continue playing football within La Liga’s restrictions.

Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba has revealed. He is willing to take a reduction in his wages to stay at the Azulgrana until the end of his contract in the summer of 2024 if requested from the club. According to reports from Marca on Friday. 

Barcelona will need to lower their wage ceiling by at least €170m this summer to be able to continue with football under La Liga restrictions, so the Azulgrana will need to negotiate to persuade the player. Many of the higher wages have agreed to cut wages as well, with Alba insisting he is willing to cooperate if the club asks him to.

‘Yes, it’s a club decision. And I’m always ready to help when asked. There are many lies in the media. But in the end I was always there. No one can say otherwise. Something to hurt But you have to live with it. I know my truth and I feel very calm. My intention is to help the club and both sides to be happy,’ said Alba UFABET

Alba is under contract until the summer of 2024 and it looks unlikely he will receive anything more than a brief deal after that. And he was also asked why he felt people would rather see him retire than continue playing.

‘It’s more about the media. I feel good, I feel competent and supported by the coach and my team-mates. When I’m out on the street People tell me that, I feel good and the day I feel I can’t protect a club like Barcelona, ​​I’ll be the first to leave.’