Jouameni sings together to fight against racism.

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Aurelian Jouameni has called on all parties to come together to help end the racism. And racial issues that his team-mate Vinicius Junior is currently football facing.

Real Madrid’s French midfielder Aurelian Jouameni has hailed his friend Vinicius Junior as a target of racism and race as a common problem in society. Which all parties must work together to eradicate and hope that this situation will change soon. According to reports from Marca on Friday. 

Real Madrid’s 22-year-old forward Vinicius Jr. has been a hot topic in Spanish football for weeks. After being treated by opponents, fans and referees, Madrid felt they could do more to protect the Brazilian offensive line. After six incidents of racism this season and four since late December UFABET

So far all incidents have been reported to the Anti-Violence Committee responsible for this case. But no action has been taken, apart from Real Valladolid. Who banned 10 fans pending the results of an investigation. And will decide how to proceed next.

‘Vinicius’ problem is a common problem of society. There must be zero tolerance for racism. Whether you are white, black or any other colour, La Liga can still take measures and we hope this situation will change.’

Thuameni was also ask how Vinicius dealt with all of this. 

‘Vinicius feels fine, we know that in football there are always difficult moments, against opponents, people. You experience moments like this. We are all with him. And it’s a pleasure to have him in the team. The important thing is that he focuses on football and shows his level’