Poyet believes Kane has no regrets after Spurs’ form soars.

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Gustavo Poyet, a former Spurs player believes Harry Kane has no regrets about leaving the team. And the club has shown great results this season.

The “Golden Spurs” have shown excellent results, remaining unbeaten in the league this season. Collecting 17 points from 7 games, just one point behind Manchester City leader in the league. Even though losing a talented striker like Kane who moved to Bayern Munich.

However, Poyet sees that the captain of the England national team. You probably don’t feel any regret that the old team is in strong form because the “Southern Tigers” themselves have shown excellent results. UFABET And there is a chance to win the championship in every program that is played as well. 

“Harry Kane is doing very well at Bayern Munich so he doesn’t regret leaving Tottenham.” Poyet told SunSport. “I’m sure he’s wondering what happened at Tottenham. Because he has spent the past three years playing in his own half in defence. And now they are playing attacking football while he is no longer with the team.”

Poyet told SunSport.

“I think Ange Postecoglou has had an incredible impact and the football is amazing. There were some games where they scored a lot of goals and that was expected. But I think that’s something to be happy about for Spurs fans. Now it’s a matter of seeing how long they can keep it up.”

“I don’t think Harry Kane has any regrets about leaving Spurs because he plays for one of the best teams in the world. Bayern Munich, who fight for every trophy. But of course there was something inside. He thinks what happened with Spurs is great.”

“Every decision a player makes can have a positive impact on another and we have seen that with Son Heung-min emerging as an important player as he scored and performed well again. He proved against Arsenal that if you give him a chance, He will score a lot of goals, especially playing football like this.”