White delighted with Arsenal’s form, strong and unstoppable

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White delighted with Arsenal’s form, strong and unstoppable.

Ben White scores his second goal of the season

Since joining Arsenal, White has scored four goals for the team.

Arsenal defender Ben White spoke after the 6-0 win over Sheffield United in which he became the 10,000th goal in Arsenal’s history. According to ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app

Arsenal continues to accelerate their form with 7 consecutive victories in the Premier League, 2 points behind leader Liverpool, with 11 games remaining in the league.

“When the team is able to score several goals ahead of the opponent. The pressure must be reduced. And it allows you to play football with fun. And can score goals like the team did. I thought we played aggressively. Created a lot of chances in this game with the players we have. We played great.”

“When I scored the goal in this game I scored without knowing where I was. I shot and the ball spun slightly. I don’t see if it fits or not. But I’m sure now. I can hear the cheers of the fans. And it’s very exciting. The fact that I didn’t score many goals. So when we were able to do that, it was a really good thing,” White said.

Arsenal will next play against Brentford in the Premier League on 9 March 2024.